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Introduction: Hi, My name is Muyanja N. Rogers. I am a Ugandan Journalist. I would like to welcome you to my website. Please enjoy your visit. You can also check my CV page and photo album. I must say that, have a great time!

Uganda is a land locked Country located in East-Africa. Uganda is a lovely country and with lots of good people both natives and foreigners and these include; Indians, Americans, British, Chinese, Isrealities and more others of which some are here for Business and fun.

Uganda is a country which has a very strong back ground. In this i mean, the politics, social life and econimics.

English is the official language of Uganda. The local languages include; Luganda, Lusoga, Lunyankole, etc (they are over 65 languages). Why do you think so?. Well it is because Uganda has over 62 ethnical groups (tribes) of which some was a result of inter-marriages, and others as a result of migration from outer-lands.

The population of Uganda is over 25 million people. And the source of income or lively hood for uganda is through Agriculture with the top cash crop, COFFEE which is exported to countries like USA, UK, etc.

Uganda is divided into 5 major regions (just like American has states), we have Regions like; Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Regions with major cities like Kampala, Jinja, Gulu, Mbarara respectively.

Uganda also exports fish, and other minerals. Uganda was colonised by Britain in the early 1800's with first missionaries and explorers like, Mill fathers, Sir, Harry johnson, John speke, Sir. Samuel Baker, and others like Capt. F. Fredrick Lugard, these taught writing and reading skills, religion, introduced crops, civilisation, and introduced the first car and many things, modern housing styles, dressing etc, these people were from England.

By then Uganda was so divided into tribal regions and kingdoms, traditional ways and etc. There was no president by then, It is only when we got our indepandence on 9th Oct 1962 that the code leadership changed.

Uganda, we have forests, rivers, bridges and so many natural features. We have a good weather and the greenry is just excellent that is why Uganda is internationally known to be the Pearl of Africa.

There is too much to talk about here but let me just stop here.

Our Motto:
"For God and my Country". Also, the flag with colors like: Black, yellow. red respectively, these colors represent strong brotherhood bonds, Red means, same blood, Yellow means climate or Sunshine, the sun shines throught the day, the Black color, we are blacks, a country of black people but as u can see, it is not only black people who are welcome to stay here. All people of all colors are gladly welcomed.
In Summary:
Uganda is a great Country that is to say, according to how it has been mentioned above. A free and Condusive enviroment for All people allover the World. Many come here for wild life, safari tours and fun. Not only that, some come to stay and they find it comfortable for them, Please, U are Welcome to Uganda.


That was some bit information about my Country. Please check the other Pages, About me, My pics, CV page and Contact info. I will be glad and something else, u are welcome to send me an email and say hi. Remembering, I am a single guy!